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On www.gog.com there is currently Strafe and also on Steam in the summer sale for 13 euros. The 3d shooter from the 90s with a pure retro feeling. And a lot of pixel blood. The videos have a 5-minute gameplay.

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There is a lot to experience in Kaiserslautern around Christmas time. In addition to the Christmas market, there will be 2 great parties on December 9th, 2016 and December 23rd, 2016. Graphics by Teamnullskill 2016:


‎Happy New Year 2015, the admin of Clan Teamnullskill wishes all visitors to the website !!!! Under http://www.burning-buses.de you can now listen to all the songs of the first CD of the rock band Burning Buses for free. BB is a hard rock band from Kaiserslautern and a partner of Teamnullskill ! ‎  

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    The portal’s flash games and forum have been revised. With the games (Flashgames) you can play many games for free, you should register in the forum to post articles about PC topics.