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Teamnullskill has been around since 2004.

We used to have 40 members from all over Germany and 4 well-attended game servers.

At first the clan was still called the Yakuza clan, the founders of which were “White” and “Black” (both around 20 year old players from Germany). Gradually more and more members came to us, including people from different nationalities, there were people such as: Kraitkiller, Gabba Gandalf, Green Fire, Wartex, Swhisel, Airniss, Moon, Danger, Mr.Ding-Dong and many others.

After some trouble with the domain, we lost the Teamnullskill.de homepage and gradually
lost interest in clan life. We are currently in the process of rebuilding and the homepage is almost ready.
It is supposed to be a portal for mainly PC gamers, but friends of consoles would also be welcome.

We primarily play 3D shooters such as Counterstrike or Battlefield.
When there is enough life in the clan, we will let the old times flourish and order servers,
as well as play actively in the leagues of this world. But also just for fun players are welcome.


Since 2014 the clan has also been on facebook at the following address:


Here you will find
reports on upcoming concerts and bands as well as games and everything to do with electronic games .

Since 2016, Dr.Ding-Dong (formerly Mr.Ding-Dong) has been producing cover pictures and graphics for Facebook – free advertising!